Activities to do in Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is a huge chunk of land where a number of beautiful places seem to have been picked up from around the world and placed in this one area in Canada. A popular place to visit in Canada, Jasper National Park has a ton of activities that you can do around. Here is the list of the most enjoyable ones among these activities.

Experience the town:

Jasper is small town on the National Park, with around 5,000 permanent residents. The town is small, beautiful, and totally coverable by foot. Roam around the town as you collect souvenirs from the shops and have a mid-day snack in any of the restaurants, they’re all good. Once you’re down with town, choose any of the outskirts, and walk in the opposite direction of the town, and in ten minutes, you will enter a wilderness that will blow your mind away.

A tour of the Malilgne Valley:

You can book a tour of the Maligne Valley and Waterfalls with Maligne Adventures, it will cost you you around $115 CAD, but let me ensure you, it will be totally worth it. With a good guide, you can double the enjoyment with all the little details like areas of wildlife, glaciers, and the underground river system.

A visit to Malign lake:

You will get an option to skip a boat ride to Spirit Island and hike around the Maligne Lake. The problem is, both of the options are absolutely incredible, and each option means that you will miss a very, very beautiful place and in return, visit the other.

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