An Incredible First Full Year at Happy Living

As 2015 comes to a close, I am proud to say it’s been an incredible first full year at Happy Living. My annual theme for this year was, “Awareness: the Tao is ultimately found by travel and observation.” As I traveled and observed these past twelve months, I was surprised by what I found: clarity and focus for Happy Living… and danger for my health.

Clarity for Happy Living

We started the year at Happy Living with a three-pronged strategy. We wanted to grow our community, and develop content and products in alignment with our mission to improve the health and wellbeing of the world, one person at a time. I was committed to writing a book even though I had no idea what it would be about.

As the year progressed, our strategy became more refined and now by year-end, it is crystal clear. We are focused on 3 C’s: content, community, and connections.

Our content continues to grow. We published more than 100 posts on the Happy Living blog. Special thanks go to our outstanding experts who shared their ideas for happier, healthier living: Dr. Tom Sult from Just Be Well, Stephanie Dunne from Nutrition QED, Master Karen Conover from KC’s Family TKD, Ayurvedic teacher Mary-Alice Quinn, travel-expert Sam Simon, and motorcycle-enthusiast Richard Geertson.

Our community continues to grow. In 2015, the Happy Living community grew more than 140%! We appreciate you for reading and supporting us. You are the most important part of mission and are each the “one person at a time.” We are committed to providing you with ideas and best practices for happy, healthy living. Thank you for being with us, sharing our message, and helping us expand our community.

Our connections continue to grow. We have met so many inspiring professionals who specialize in health and wellbeing. Our goal is to cultivate relationships with leaders and companies who help us serve our community and are enthusiastic about the relationship.

Focus for Happy Living

Our strategy ignited a whole stream of new connections, unforeseen meetings, and assistance that I never could have imagined. The company we are at the end of the year is quite different than when we started.

A few highlights from the year took place at Paleo f(x) and Voice & Exit, two conferences we attended in Austin, Texas this summer.

Our connection with Paleo f(x) introduced us to a whole new world of ideas, products, and experts focused on health and wellness. It has had a big impact on all three C’s: content, community, and connections.

My speaking engagement at Voice & Exit helped me find the topic for my book. Last week, I completed the first draft of Turning Inspiration into Action. We expect it to be published by March 2016. Kaileen has also been busy helping me complete another book called, The Belief Road Map. We plan to have it published on Amazon next month.

Danger for my health

Cultivating our connection with OPEX Fitness lead to a worrisome discovery. While experimenting with personalized fitness, I found out that half my ass isn’t working. OPEX founder, James FitzGerald (aka the Body Whisperer) warned, “If we don’t take care of this, you won’t be hiking trails when you’re 90 years old.” My body was out of alignment, which could ultimately lead to injuries and setbacks.

James introduced me to The American Center for Biological Medicine. While experimenting with personalized medicine, I learned that my anabolic hormone levels are, “half of shitty.” That’s exactly what the doctor said! He told me that my health has been damaged by years of chronic stress. My metabolic system is out of alignment, which left unaddressed will ultimately lead to sickness and disease.

Priorities for 2016

I literally found My Tao in 2015. I found the path I am meant to walk for the second half of my life. I discovered my dharma.

In 2016, and the years to come, I’ll be writing (posts and books) for you. I’ll keep sharing best practices and ideas for happy, healthy living. I’ll also continue my Happy Living experiments so I can share what I learn with you. My two most pressing priorities are to get my body and metabolic system back in balance. Stay tuned for updates.

This is my final post for the year. It’s time to shut down, relax, and love on my family and friends.

2015 was our first full year in business at Happy Living. It’s been an amazing year and we
thank you for joining us on this incredible journey.

I wish you and yours the most magnificent holiday season! See you in 2016!!

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