Favorite Ways I Personalize My Life to Enjoy It More

I use modern technology and specialized services to personalize my life. If it saves me time, if it brings me joy, or if I find it unpleasant and can somehow eliminate it, then I do it. My goal is to spend more and more time doing things I enjoy, with people I love, in places I want to be.

Here are a few favorite ways I personalize my life to enjoy it more:

Personalized control with my phone

With CPI Security, I can operate our home security system, front door lock, security camera, and thermostats with my smart phone.

Our Yamaha AV Receiver lets me listen to music or watch TV when relaxing in the family room, cooking in the kitchen, or grilling on the patio. With three independent zones, I can listen to my favorite music while my family is inside watching a show of their choice.

Fitbit tracks my steps, heart rate, calories burned, weight and sleep. It also lets me organize a walking group with friends and family so we can encourage each other to stay active.

Amazon Kindle’s Daily Review brings the most significant ideas from my books right to my phone so I can review, remember, and apply them to my life.

I order groceries using an app from my local grocery chain, Harris Teeter. They do the shopping based on my order and I stop by the store when it’s convenient. I don’t even have to get out of my truck because they load the groceries for me!

Personalized control with my computer

With Bank of America Online Banking I access my accounts from anywhere and at any time to pay bills, transfer funds, set goals and track spending. I recently learned how to transfer money to and from other banks nationwide, using an email address or mobile number.

I manage my own medical lab services with MyMedLab. I order tests online, one of their doctors approves it, and then I print the order and take it to a local lab. In just days I can view my results online or print them out for my annual exam. MyMedLab stores all my results so I can compare my numbers over time. This helpful guide by Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy helps me understand the results of my blood tests.

Dropbox is my go-to solution for cloud-based file sharing for my business and personal life. My family is currently using it to plan a big surprise for my parent’s 60th Anniversary celebration. Shhh. Please don’t say anything!

DISH Anywhere gives me the power to watch my live and recorded TV shows and thousands of On Demand titles from anywhere. My favorite show right now is Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday.

Favorites that bring me joy

Everyone in our home has their own Netflix profile. We each get personalized movie and show suggestions, the app tracks our recently watched list, and provides ratings and reviews. I prefer documentaries. My wife enjoys TV dramas. Our littlest one loves anime.

Pandora is free, personalized radio that plays the music I love. I just input my favorite artists, songs or composers and the app creates my own personalized radio station.

We have a great sushi restaurant in our town called Joel’s Grill. We always order for delivery by phone. They keep records of our past orders, so I usually just say, “this is your favorite customer calling and we’ll repeat our last order.” They deliver fresh, delicious sushi right to my door… I’m ordering again tonight!

Things I love not to do

Time Genies create a positive impact on my life by doing the things I don’t want to or have time to do… including house cleaning and personal errands.

Lawn Pro of the Carolinas keeps our lawn and outdoor spaces healthy, well maintained and clean.

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty protects our home’s systems and appliances because I do not enjoy fixing things that break.

AmeriPark Valet parks my car at the airport, which saves time I’d rather use for reading or writing on my way out of town, and getting home earlier upon my return.

Continuous improvement with personalization

My focus on personalization has created a lifestyle that is more uniquely and happily mine with each addition. So I’m always on the lookout for the next cool thing. Just last week I installed the Ring Video Doorbell. Now I can see and speak with anyone who rings the bell using my smartphone, no matter where I happen to be.

How do you personalize your lifestyle? Please share any suggestions you may have for me.

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