Madrid Tourist Information You Should Not Miss

Let’s say your time is out and you should plan a new vocation. It’s the high time to walk along the streets of Madrid, visiting the big museums and small galleries, discovering the local lifestyle, Spanish culture and traditions as well as taste the most delicious national food of this crazy and awesome people. Today we’ll give you the most useful information you shouldn’t miss during your stay in Madrid.

How to Get to Madrid from Airport

There are some common ways of traveling to the center of Madrid from the airport. You can opt for one of the following options of airport transfer Madrid.

By Taxi: Taking a taxi is the most comfortable and direct way of traveling into to city center. There are taxi services working 24 hours a day and can find them outside T1 (Terminal 1) on the ground floor of the arrivals hall, just in front of gate 2. There are taxis T2, outside the ground floor of arrivals, in front of lounge 5. T3 taxis are usually founded on the ground floor, opposite lounge 7 and in T4 are outside the arrivals on the ground floor.

By Bus: The bus tickets can also be used on the metro system. You can either buy a single ticket or ‘metrobus’ ticket, which includes 10 journeys and saves you money.

BY Metro: The metro system is cheap, quick and efficient. It’s perhaps an excellent choice of transport if you don’t have heavy bags. Trains run from 06:00 – 13:30.

Madrid: Travel Tips

If this is the first time you want to visit Madrid then keep up with the following travel tips. They are going to make your journey more enjoyable and productive.

  • Learn a little Spanish before you come. Introducing yourself, ordering food, shopping and making new friends becomes easier when you can communicate in Spanish.
  • Make sure you plan a special day to hit up the museums and galleries not to mess up everything.
  • Second, find some time for grabbing dinner and a show. Spanish dances are the most passionate and fascinating in the world.
  • Visit the local restaurants and taste traditional dishes instead of buying fast food or something that’s already familiar to you.
  • Change your style with the help of Madrid’s best clothing designers. Update your closet with unique pieces of Carolina Herrera, Loew etc. Spanish fashion houses have something special to do with your personal taste and image.
  • Eat a menú del día. This is one of the most popular ways to do lunch in Madrid. Served at most restaurants throughout the city, menú del día is a set lunch menu with drinks and dessert included.
  • Don’t eat in the Plaza Mayor. While it is a spectacular 17th century public square with nice balconies, wonderful atmosphere and historic charm it is not recommended when it comes to its restaurants and cafes. Many of them are not ideal for sampling the best Madrid has to offer. Instead, you can visit Plaza Santa Ana where you can find bars and eateries featuring traditional Spanish food and drinks.

Unique Places to Visit in Madrid

Finally, here are the best “hidden” places to visit in Madrid. 

Image result for La Tabacalera de Lavapiés

La Tabacalera de Lavapiés: used to be a tobacco factory. It’s now a cultural space where various activities take place such as art exhibitions, music performances, theater shows and many more.

Image result for El Mercado de Motores

El Mercado de Motores: a market that’s not mentioned in any travel guide. It offers a lot of vintage and design items in a very nice setting and the entry is absolutely FREE.

Image result for  Torres Blancas

 Torres Blancas: also known as White Towers. It is an amazing example of 60s architecture that reminds of something like a futuristic tree house.

Image result for Matadero MadridMatadero Madrid: used to be an old municipal slaughterhouse. Now it’s converted into an art center both for locals and tourists.

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