Maui, Hawaii – Everything You Would Want For A Vacation

Wherever you go, whatever you do a good rest is a must for everyone. It allows you to gain the lost energy and live the life in its best way. Today’s our destination is Maui. It’s a fantastic island in the Central Pacific and is also a part of the Hawaiian archipelago. This amazing part of the planet is known with its breathtaking beauty, calm atmosphere, rich history, and its never-ending supply of soft beaches, stunning waterfalls etc. In a word, Maui is a wonderful place for a Hawaiian vacation. You may hardly find such an awesome place where you can travel and experience all you can on a small island. Let’s discover the incredible charm of the perfect beaches with.the cleanest water, volcanic landscapes, wild forests and tropical gardens as well as feel the real breathe of paradise. There is a popular phrase “Maui no ka oi”, which means Maui is the best!

To give a good start you may first find out the best beaches and house rentals on this island. It will also allow you to make sure your vacation is going to be as expected. Here we are to give you the desired useful info about the possible Maui beach house rentals with the best offers and service. Thus, between the top 10 best house rentals on Maui you can find the following offers; South Beach, Turtle Beach Villa, Napili Cove, Hekili Point, Hale Uluniu-Coconut Grove House, Ilima Residence, Sapphire Seas Beach Estate, Kamaole Villa, Sunny Surf and Sea Shells Beach House. They are luxurious, cozy and peaceful rentals with the best service on the island. You can book the chosen house, hotel, hostel or condo online before your arrival.

What to Do

Once you book the house you can respire because the hardest part of your vacation plan is successfully fulfilled. Now you can learn a little bit about the most visited places of Maui as well as get acquainted with the most popular activities offered here. So, since Maui is one of the wonderful tropical parts of Hawaii with stunning beaches and forests, it has a lot of outdoor activities, attractions, air and water tours, day trips and excursions to offer its tourists. Here you can choose either a passive or an active rest.

Best Maui Attractions

The advantage of taking part in various activities including hiking, water sports, excursions, tours to tropical gardens as well as beach activities make this beautiful island of Maui a great place for vacations. Your first place to visit can be the traditional Bailey House Museum, which is considered as one of the best attractions on the island. It actually displays what life was like for original Missionary families. Then you can consider the Haleakala Crater at Haleakala National Park, which is a dormant volcano that offers one of the world’s most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The top rated tourist attractions also include Iao Valley State Monument, Maui Ocean Center, Hana and the Hana Road, Waianapanapa State Park and Makena Beach.

Best Maui Activities

Between the most popular activities to take in part in Maui you can choose air Maui helicopter tours, dinner cruises, whale watching, snorkeling, learning to swim like a mermaid, private ocean activities with private kayak tour, pineapple tour in pineapple fields and pineapple packing factory etc. Those who want to get more of a physical rest can go for massages at the best spa centers. You can also try to find some time for fishing in the unique Maui style. Don’t forget to take part in the local shows and performances as they usually tell a lot about the Hawaii culture and traditions.

Maui Food and Drink

No matter the trip or adventure, you’re always a short drive from a delicious food or drink. According to the majority of visitors Maui has all tastes for all preferences and cases. From exotic fruits to tropical drinks and from the local Hawaiian style meals to the most common European dishes, here you can find everything to stay pleased with the offered cuisine. So, Hawaii is proud of their pork. They prefer cooking it underground in an imu, kālua pork in a traditional way and the result is just awesome. You can taste a variety of other dishes made with pork including the popular tacos and enchiladas. Since Hawaii kitchen has a kind of Japanese influence, you are welcome to taste delicious sushi and since restaurant menus are filled with all sorts of seafood you can also opt for fish, scallops, and shrimp, which are always fresh and tasty. When it comes to drinks tourists tell that Maui has so many makers of alcoholic beverages. It comes with Award-winning Ocean Vodka, three kinds of rums–Silver, Gold, and Dark, beer and many more. The list of tropical drinks is endless. Eating well is part of a great travel experience.

Beach Time

Finally, beaches! So, which beaches are the best in Maui? Most visitors choose to stay on the south or west side of Maui beaches. Almost everywhere you can enjoy some sun tanning, BBQ, games, snorkeling, swimming, and unforgettable sunset. Consider visiting the Secret Beach, which is a popular sandy beach with activities such as sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling and many more. Choose the Kaʻanapali Beach, which is usually considered as one of the best beaches on Maui, due to its wide range of activities such as exiting parasail, surfing, volleyball and other water sports. Take the time to go and see the Keawakapu Beach as it’s an ideal getaway from the crowds. Explore the Kapalua Beach with its amazing sand and protective bay lined by palm trees. Visit the Napili Bay if you want a beautiful beach with great swimming conditions. Napili Bay stands out with its golden sand, awesome snorkeling and picture-perfect sunsets. It is founded Lahaina next to the Napili Kai Resort, which is one of the best places for families looking to spend an entire day at the beach.

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