My End-of-Year Goals

This time of year moves quickly, so I am taking my own advice and setting goals for the rest of 2015. I hope the following goals help me finish the next few months with enthusiasm and focus. I used these seven steps to set goals that are thoughtful, effective, and inspiring.

My Theme, My Mission

My theme for the end of the year is to “settle for good enough,” which might sound negative, but I’m thinking of the most positive interpretations of these words!

I want to settle into the remainder of the year like I would a comfortable couch – propped up with my favorite pillows and cup of coffee, ready to focus and get a bunch of work done. I want to be satisfied with good enough as I work through projects and to-do lists. I know my inner perfectionist gets loud and needy this time of year, so I am making an effort to soothe her by making “good enough” part of my theme.

My mission is to “trust myself and treat myself.” I am giving myself permission to quit second-guessing – to trust myself and the universe. I also want to “treat myself” by making time for things that bring me joy: reading and journaling, decorating for the holidays, and connecting with people who inspire me.

Health & the Holidays

Maintaining healthy habits towards the end of the year is challenging, so “settling for good enough” is a helpful reminder! My physical health goals are to continue eating with a “Whole30 state of mind” and exercising four times a week. My mental health goals are to meditate and journal twice a week, and to read daily.

Growing Happy Living

I wear a lot of hats for Happy Living, but I focus most of my time on our website and social media. I am also writing a book about how to create your own life philosophies. My goals are to create content, grow our community, and self-publish our book on Amazon.

Open, Ready, Excited

Since this time of year can be unpredictable, I also want to remain open to possibility. My end-of-year goals are a priority, but so are my theme and mission: to “settle for good enough” and “trust myself and treat myself.” By keeping all three in mind, I am ready to take on the end of 2015 – and I am excited for what the New Year might bring!

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