Slow the Flow of Chemicals

Watching the powerful documentary, Unacceptable Levels, I was shocked to learn the average person has over 200 synthetic industrial chemicals in their body.

With further research, I learned more about the damaging health impact of so many toxins in our bodies. Specifically, three resources motivated me to slow the flow of chemicals in my household:

  • Dr. Leona Allen’s video on cellular inflammation. In simple language and less than 8 minutes, she explains how the flow of chemicals, sugars, and bad fats is damaging our cells and causing the epidemic rise of devastating diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, chronic fatigue, attention deficit disorder, and cancer. This is a must watch!
  • A Swedish video called, The Organic Effect. In two minutes this video discusses a new study that found just two weeks of eating chemical-free foods is enough to drastically reduce the amount of chemicals in our bodies.
  • Dr. Frank Lipman’s list of chemicals. This is a list of 19 chemicals to look out for in your personal care products.

I examined the ingredients of products in our kitchen and bathrooms looking for chemicals on Dr. Lipman’s list. I wrote my post on Reducing Household Chemical Exposure to share what I found and what I was going to do.

In the past 4 months, chemical-free replacement foods and products have been flowing into our home. My wife and I have found a great selection of items on Amazon and at our local Earth Fare store.

Some of our favorite chemical-free products:

  • Shea Moisture Bath, Body & Massage Oil
  • Nubian Body Wash
  • Seventh Generation Hand Soap
  • Vita-Myr Shampoo
  • DK Natural Meats: Organic Ground Beef, Ground Bison, and Ground Elk
  • Plainville Farms Organic Ground Turkey
  • Pereg Quinoa
  • Organic produce from our grocery store or farmers’ market

Some of the products we have eliminated:

  • Method Foaming Hand Wash because label lists Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Fragrance
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Hand Soap because label lists Fragrance

Read the ingredients lists of your household products carefully. In spite of “green” labels and slogans like, “Gentle on the Earth” and “Naturally Derived,” products are not always chemical-free.

Stop Digging

The law of holes is an adage that states, “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”1 Meaning, if you find yourself in a bad situation, you should stop and change what you are doing, rather than carrying on and worsening the situation.

The steady flow of chemicals in our bodies from household and personal care products, children’s toys, vaccines, medicines — even in our air, water, and food – is turning us into walking, talking chemical cocktails. Rather than becoming overwhelmed, my wife and I have decided to stop digging a bigger hole and make changes to what we’re doing.

We’re working together to slow the flow of chemicals into our home and into our bodies, one product at a time.

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  1.   The Wordsworth dictionary of proverbs via Law of holes

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